Online Training for Medical Careers – Thanks to Technology

12 Oct

The internet has changed the way we do things in many ways. Apart from the most obvious purpose, which is communication with your friends and family that are geographically distant, it has also changed the way we receive information. Television, radio and the printed media used to be our #1 source for everything on anything. Now, though, with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Skype, we can pretty much find out anything and be entertained with a single click or a traing technology

We used to send out resumes, now we simply make a LinkedIn account. Which brings me to my next point, which is how much modern technology and the internet has changed education and employment. If you have been following my blog, you would know by now that I make a living by working online full-time. Since working a normal day job wasn’t for me, and I’m not especially talented for any kind of art that would allow for a more loose working arrangement, I decided that working from home would be the best way for me to go, and as it turned out, it was. I don’t regret it for a single moment.

But, you might say, it was easy for me to find a job online because my field of expertise doesn’t require my physical presence, nor does my work result in a physical product. What about the rest of us who aren’t programmers, software developers, web or graphical designers? Like I said at the beginning of the article, the internet has changed some things, and not just in IT.

Technology and Online Training

The internet has influenced education much more than we realize and video communication software such as Skype has made it possible to have seminars, consultations, lectures, and even one-on-one time with the educators themselves.

One field that has benefited from it is – medicine. If you take a look at a website like Nurse Salary Guide .net, they cover much more than medical career salary information, you can see the potential and the demand for trainee medical personnel, which is why many medical institutions offer online training. Of course, being a registered nurse assistant or a member of the nursing staff requires hands-on training combined with the online course work – there is a fair amount of theory involved in it, as well. They make great use of technology for staff training, with many benefits to both the staff and the organization.

I was surprised to find out that medical institutions have been so quick to employ modern communication technology to educate their staff. Usually it’s the academic institutions that educate software developers or designers that adopt this kind of approach. Not only are you able to work from home nowadays, but you can get a college degree or earn specific qualification, too.

I finished my education the old-fashioned way, but for those who are strapped for cash, this might be a great opportunity since they never have to leave their home and spend money they don’t have on renting a place in the big city, which costs a lot of money. I know, I’ve been there. I’ll try and keep you updated about this kind of thing, as always, and I’ll be sure to post new and exciting ways technology has altered the way we live our lives.

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