Intel’s New Iteration of McAfee Anti-virus

21 Jan

McAfee Anti-virus

Founded in 1987, McAfee is a subsidiary owned by Intel and is a security software group based in the United States. Its PC security software’s reputation by critics and users is less than great. In 2012, McAfee Total Protection 2012 received mediocre reviews from Computer Shopper Magazine and CNET.

Users find McAfee’s products to be nuisances. The software constantly asks for users to update, and the update reminders can not be deactivated. If you do choose to update, the software will reboot the computer whether or not you are currently working at the time. This can result in loss of any work that has not been saved. McAfee’s customer support is said to be difficult to work with, or no help at all. The hardest issue to overcome when users want to part with McAfee, it’s not very easy to remove from your PC to install another anti-virus product.

On the positive side, McAfee has made successful enough products in terms of reviews by major tech magazines. Tech-savvy users, however, tend to go with other companies’ products to protect their computers as McAfee tends to provide only average protection and is not the most intuitive product on the market.

The Controversy

McAfee’s recent history is riddled in controversy. 2010 was a bad year for McAfee when millions of computers mcafee-free-logo1running Windows XP Service Pack 3 were affected by a fault in a McAfee update. Computers running in hospitals, stores, public services, and homes were unusable until McAfee made a fix for their own mistake.

More recently, John McAfee, the founder of the McAfee Anti-virus, made a YouTube video poking fun of the product. His erratic behavior has led Intel to sever ties with John McAfee and the McAfee name. In 2014, Intel officially renamed McAfee Anti-virus to Intel Security.

Intel Security

In early 2014, Intel announced the change of name at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Intel, the software will remain unchanged, for now. Intel is planning to bring its security software to Android tablets, cell phones, and other wearable devices. These changes seem to be driven by Intel’s need to rebrand the product’s image and completely disassociate from John McAfee’s reputation.

Perhaps Intel has a mind to create an even better anti-virus product than McAfee has been previously. For now, they have decided that it would necessitate rebranding McAfee. Looking for a free Anti-virus software program instead – read this article.

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