Choosing the Right E-Mail Client

13 Feb

It seems that, with the emergence of browser-based email clients, the interest for dedicated email clients has waned. Microsoft even dropped its email client from Windows 7, shipping the system without one. But, that doesn’t mean that dedicated email clients don’t have anything to offer. Requirements that most people have for email clients are fairly simple, and they are mostly limited to its basic function: receiving emails. Of course, every client will do that, but it is preferable if the email is received and display with little fuss and no special effort from the user.  Let’s take a look at a couple of them.

Postbox Express

One client that fits the description above perfectly is Postbox Express. The installation process is quick and simple, and the only thing you need to do is to log in, by typing in your name, your email address and password, and Post Express will do everything else for you. This feature is not unique to Postbox, but what sets it apart from other client post box email clientis that it is able to faithfully reproduce all the folders which you might have in Gmail, Yahoo, or some other email account.

User interface is very intuitive and basic, with a row of icons that allows you to manipulate its functions, such as replying, forwarding, deleting, and all other standard operations. Another aspect in which Post Express has the edge is its adaptability when it comes to resizing. You can reduce the size of Postbox Express without having it lose its basic functionality, even when it’s scaled down to width of 400 pixels.

Some users might not like the fact that, even though Postbox Express employs tabs, a separate window is opened up when writing a new message. Also, as far as performance goes, it does seem to be slower than other email clients, with Postbox needing more time to display messages. However, Postbox Express’ efficient user interface makes up for potential shortcomings, and it will be welcomed by those in search of a simple and easy-to-use email client.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the best email clients, hands down – perfect for personal and small business users. The set up process is very easy, although the Create Account button might cause some confusion among users, as is it not clear right away whether you’re signing up for a new account, or just connecting Thunderbird to an existing one. User interface is based on a standard two-column format, and its compact design makes Thunderbird more efficient in a small window when compared to other Windows email clients.

thunderbird imageSimilar to Postbox, even though it uses tabs, Thunderbird opens up a separate window when you want to write a new message. Apart from tags, Thunderbird also has other advanced features, which include tags, filters, fast search, smart folders and much more.

By default, it also filters out spam and scam emails, which is somewhat unique. These extra options might make Thunderbird a bit more complicated at first, but after getting a hang of them, they will make all the difference.

One other consideration should always be your online security – sticking with some of the big, well known providers should reduce your risk…. in theory at least!

Don’t forget those keyboard short-cuts I told you about!

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